Studio Tenn Presents Les Misèrables

As the official branding and design company for Studio Tenn, a non-profit theatre company based in Nashville, we have the constant pleasure of being able to create new and exciting visuals for their seasons of shows and events. This year was especially exciting as they decided to mount the epic classic musical ‘Les Miserables’. To top it off they chose the most beautiful venue in Nashville, the Schermerhorn Symphony Center.

Official Poster

Official Trailer

Press Photos

Behind the Scene Video

Behind the Scenes Photos

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Thom Donovan ‘Shipwreck’

Back in August we had the immense pleasure of filming the music video for Thom Donovan’s new single ‘Shipwreck’, featuring the exquisitely talented and lovely Ruby Amanfu. When Thom approached us with the track he had co-written with Wyclef Jean a couple months prior to filming, we had loved the haunting nature of the lyrics and music right away. Married with Ruby’s vocal performance, we knew we wanted to dive in creatively to the project. We spent the next several weeks researching the origin of the lyrics (based on the epic poem ‘The Tragedy of Romeus and Juliet, which precedes Shakepeare’s ‘Romeo & Juliet’) and then put together the treatment, sent it to Thom, and crossed our fingers.

Thom loved the treatment and gave us the green light to begin pre-production on the project and our first call was to the Nashville Ballet. We knew we wanted to utilize some of their company members to help tell the story and thankfully Mollie Sansone, Jon Upleger, Keenan McLaren, Alex Meister, and Julia Eisen all said yes! Chris Stuart, also an NB company member, agreed to work with us to choreograph the dancers and he was just the right fit to help us execute our vision for the track. Secondly we needed to make sure to schedule the shoot when Ruby would be available as we knew her on screen performance would be powerful and beautiful and we wanted to do whatever we could to have her there.

We continued to reach out to everyone we knew would be the best fit to work with us on the video and landed the perfect team. To add to Tony’s directing and my producing, we brought on Stephen Moss for lighting design and Susannah Smith White who made hair/makeup magic and the rest of our creative family all came together in just the right way to set up a great day of filming.

Lighting Assistant EMILY YEAKLE
Assistant to the Director REBECCA WHITWORTH
Assistant to the Producer GABRIELLE TOLEDO
Sound and Playback Operator TANNER ROMAN
Dress Designer for Ruby Amanfu MATT LOGAN
Wardrobe Assistant GABRIELLE GENITO
Hair and Makeup Assistant JULIE HIGGINBOTHAM
Location Assistant and Slate HEATHER CRAMSIE
Production Assistant REBECCA NELSON
Production Assistant TINA MASCARO

Above is a little behind the scenes video from the shoot and below some stills from set and a stop motion video of our setup and shoot days! Check it out and then take a look at the OFFICIAL VIDEO for Thom Donovan’s ‘Shipwreck’. It was such a joy to work on this project and we are so happy to share it with you. Thom’s new record drops February 2014. Be sure to check it out.

A hyper speed look at our setup and day of shooting

Thom & Ruby on set
Thom and Ruby

On Set
On Set

Keenan, Julia, Thom and Alex
Thom and Dancers

Heather Cramsie, our Nashville Ballet liason and Laura
Heather and Laura

Tony, Thom, our featured dancers Mollie and Jon, and choreographer, Chris Stuart
Tony, Thom and Dancers

Thom & Ruby
Thom and Ruby

Our stellar team
Group Shot


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A brand design, photo and film company, an emerging fashion designer and dancers from a world class ballet company converge at a 100 year old historic train station turned hotel in a city that is on everyone’s list of places to be in 2013.

PHOTOGRAPHY Anthony Matula
STYLING Melodie Madden Adams
HAIR AND MAKEUP Elan Hair + Skin
PRODUCER Laura Matula
PHOTO ASSISTANT Rebecca Whitworth
SPECIAL THANKS Jim Johnson and the Nashville Ballet


Krissy Johnson Dodge
Julia Eisen
Alexandra Meister
Mark Allyn Nimmo
Mollie Sansone
Chris Stuart
Julia Eisen
Katie Vasilopoulous
Andrea Vierra

*except for Chris Stuart and Mark Allyn Nimmo


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In working on concepts for Studio Tenn’s 2013-14 season art, we wanted to try to push ourselves creatively so we enlisted the help of Nashville native Evie Coates – master illustrator, chef extraordinaire, art teacher – to work her magic and sketch/paint/draw up some ideas for the show logos and look. Her drawings were such an inspiration to create the art for the season and will continue to be used as we work on the official posters to line the coffee shops and light posts of the wonderful city of Nashville.

Matt Logan, artistic director for Studio Tenn, chose a rich and vibrant blue as the color for the season and gave us some design inspirations based on the look in his head for each show, and then we ran with it.

First we created a season graphic using the color Matt had chosen to announce the season and send to press as needed while we worked on posters.

Once we had all the designs in hand from Evie, Tony photographed the images and Rebecca worked to clean up the graphics and create vector files of each logo. It was a challenge to pick just the right logo since Evie drew so many amazing custom fonts and graphics.

Hank Williams Concepts [below]

Final Art Poster

Into the Woods Concepts [below]

Final Art Poster

A Christmas Carol Concepts [below]

Final Art Poster

Frost/Nixon Concepts [below]

Final Art Poster

Les Miserables Concepts [below]

Final Art Poster

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During our Nashville Arts Magazine we took a minute to create this MOTO (Moving photo) poster for Studio Tenn ‘s My Fair Lady.

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My Fair Lady Nashville Arts Magazine Shoot

About a month and a half ago, Matt Logan (Studio Tenn Artistic Director, clothing designer extraordinaire) tells me about a project that sounds really exciting. Nashville Arts Magazine wants to do a story about the fashion of an upcoming Studio Tenn production, My Fair Lady. Matt goes on to tell me that he would like the ANTHONYMATULA team involved to capture all the work. Oh, and since Laura Matula (my wife) is going to play Eliza, who better to model the clothing and looks for the spread. “Matt”, I said, “Two words…yes and when?”

Fast forward to April 2nd when we loaded up all of our gear and headed over to the new Studio Tenn offices. Matt created about 7-8 different looks for the shoot. Most of the looks are to be worn by Laura as Eliza in the production, and a few that will appear on other characters in the show. Anna Zeitlin designed some amazing hats to go along with the looks, and the day wouldn’t have been complete without our good friend and incredible wig designer and makeup artist Sondra Nottingham getting Laura “Photoshoot ready”.

Today we are proud to have you see the May Nashville Arts Magazine spread, showcasing the work of Matt Logan through our photographic work, modeled by actor, model and fellow co-worker, Laura Matula.

Here are some behind the scenes shots we captured during our shoot day, along with some additional photos not pictured in the magazine.

We would like to thank Matt Logan and Studio Tenn for choosing us to represent them through our design and photographic work and Nashville Arts Magazine for recognizing such an amazing talent in Matt Logan.

Wardrobe & Design : MATT LOGAN
Wig Design & Makeup : SONDRA NOTTINGHAM
Actor & Model : LAURA MATULA
Assistant to Mr. Matula : REBECCA WHITWORTH
Assistant to Ms. Nottingham : JENNIFER STOKES CORDRAY

See these amazing creations in person and get your tickets to see My Fair Lady, running May 16th – June 2nd at the Franklin Theatre in Franklin, TN.
Click HERE to get your tickets.

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Nashville Ballet’s Romeo & Juliet opens this Friday, April 26th at Tennessee Performing Arts Center’s Jackson Hall. AM designed the poster image for Romeo & Juliet for the ballet’s 2012-13 Season. Utilizing the look and feel of the poster design (pictured above) we created a film trailer for the show. The trailer features Kevin Terry and Krissy Dodge, the dancers pictured in the original poster image. Paul Vasterling, artistic director of the Ballet, worked with Kevin and Krissy to pull just the right choreography and emotion from the ballet to portray in the trailer. We shot the trailer at the beautiful Scarritt-Bennett Center here in Nashville, TN.

While on set, Tony took advantage of the amazing lighting in the cathedral and took some photos of the dancers.

For each of the Nashville Ballet’s shows we also film and take photos at select rehearsals while gathering interview footage for curtain speech videos and behind the scenes looks.

The below shots feature Sadie Bo Harris as Juliet and Jon Upleger as Romeo. Rehearsals shot at The Martin Center for Ballet in Nashville, TN.

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Habitat for Humanity

We had the pleasure of seeing Christan Riley at the Habitat for Humanity luncheon a few months back perform a song she wrote as a tribute to all those from Habitat for Humanity of Nashville, TN that helped to build her new home she now shares with her family. Because we were so moved by her song and her story, we wanted to work with Habitat to record her in the studio singing her song and telling her story so others could hear it. Here is the product of this collaboration and we hope to work with Habitat much more in the future. They are a true example of the good that can happen when we commit to helping each other and supporting our communities. Please enjoy Christan Riley’s “For Your Love”.

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Behind the Scenes with the Nashville Ballet

We are so proud to be continuing to work with the Nashville Ballet for their upcoming 2013-2014 Season as our first year with them for the 2012-2013 Season was a huge success. We are looking forward to all the exciting opportunities with marketing and art for this coming year and can’t wait to share it all with you. Here is a little behind the scenes glimpse of the dancer portraits we shot for this past season.

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Big River

Big River is the next show of the Studio Tenn season and we have really enjoyed working on the marketing and art for this show. Big River is a musical featuring the songs of Roger Miller and the story of Mark Twains famous character of Huckleberry Finn. Studio Tenn’s production will take this great show a step even further and have the actors on stage also function as the band in a very bluegrass focused ensemble. All of these details inspired the design of the logo and look for Big River.

We wanted a rustic hand made look to the logo, so we chose a great font, edited the layout and perspective, then we printed out the logo and hand colored the design with crayon and then scanned back into the computer. After some cleaning up, we ended up with a logo and look we felt perfectly fit the style of the show.

We then implemented that logo into a simple yet clean poster design to continue the hand made, hand drawn aspect we were going for based on the inspirations of Matt Logan, the director of the show.
Official Big River Poster

It’s important to implement a brand look into every avenue the brand or concept will be seen in. We do this by incorporating the look into Facebook headers, profile photos, backgrounds for social media, custom website imagery, etc.
Big River Facebook Graphic

We were also able to shoot press photos and a video trailer (shown at top of page) with the two leads (Jackson Nance and John-Mark McGaha) of the show out in Leiper’s Fork, TN, and it was the perfect compliment to the look of the marketing we already had in place for the show. We had a beautiful day and 2 great actors to work with and were even treated to some live music.
Big River Press Photo
Big River Press Photo
Big River Press Photo

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